Dallas A.S.B. — Day 6


By Laura Pappas

We knew this day would come, but we didn’t  expected it to be this soon: It’s our last day in Dallas. We had our final work day at Cockrell Hill Methodist Church, and focused our attention on the youth center. Together we finished painting, cleaning, and scrubbing carpets in the interior. Then on the outside, we continued to paint the trim around the windows, and applied a base coat to the side and back of the house. The plan is for another group to come and finish where we left off.

Toward the end of the work day, overwhelming feelings could be felt within the group. We were slightly tired after a long day of work, excited about getting back to C2K to begin our evening activities, and proud of all the work we were able to accomplish over these last few days. It was so amazing to walk through the youth center and witness the transformation that had taken place or sit inside the sanctuary, which now appears to sparkle after new lights and paint!

Above all else, we felt grateful. We are thankful for Pablo and Joe and the wisdom they passed along these past couple days, the supply runs they made to Home Depot, the helping hands they lent when we needed them, and for allowing us to come down and work with them. They are truly amazing people, and we only hope to one day see them both again! We are also grateful for the congregation of Cockrell Hill. Including the wonderful women who made us homemade Mexican food everyday for lunch, and all the members we got a chance to meet. They were so appreciative of everything we had done, and would always find a way to show it, even with just a smile. We’re also thankful for the DJ who brought tunes to our Fiesta today and gave us the chance to laugh and dance with our new friends from the church! We are so humbled for the chance to help you all out, and wish you the best with everything!

After our work day, we went for one last dinner and dessert as a group, before coming back to C2K to clean and pack. Tomorrow will be bittersweet as we make the long journey back to Erie. The best way I can think of to end our Last Work Day post is with the quote of the week.

“Work like you don’t need the money, Love like you have never been hurt, Dance like no one is watching!”

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One response to “Dallas A.S.B. — Day 6

  1. Marissa M.

    Sounds like another great ASB in the books! Wish I could have been there with all of you this year. Great job with the blog, Laura!

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