Dallas A.S.B. — Day 4


By Laura Pappas

We were back at it today! Although the weather was somewhat better, we still spent the day finishing up our indoor projects. The groups in the sanctuary painted another coat on the back wall and continued to replace lights to make the already beautiful worship place even prettier. The beautification project extended into the hallways where another group cleaned all the walls and light fixtures.

However, throughout the day, the renovation projects seemed to shift focus to the youth group center. Groups there cleaned, prepped, and painted four rooms, complete with an accent walls! They also prepped the outside for painting tomorrow. Our final group had one of the toughest tasks yet: the garage. And they conquered it by decluttering and reorganizing the space, so there is now a small work area for any future projects the youth group may have.

For lunch today, we joined the seniors of the church in a Fiesta! Together we jammed to music and ate Fiesta Bowls. We loved the opportunity to talk with them and look forward to Thursday when they join us again.

After a hard day of work, we treated ourselves to Sonic, and returned to C2K just in time for slow-cooked chicken for dinner! We also took time to reflect on our growth as a group, service to the community, and ways to break out of our comfort zone to make the trip even more meaningful.

Finally, we took a couple hours to explore Dallas! This included the Truck Yard, a local attraction which features a country- backyard feel, but has some of the most delicious food served from food trucks. Then we stopped at some other local stores on our way to one of the best views of Dallas for some Kodak moments!

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