Dallas A.S.B. — Day 3


By Laura Pappas

Not even the rain could stop ASB on our first work day! We got up at 7:30 a.m. and were treated to a traditional Spanish breakfast provided by C2K. We then left to go meet Pastor Pablo and Pastor Joe of Cockrell Hill Methodist Church, who knew that the way to our hearts was through our stomachs. So to start our work day, we indulged in coffee and pan dulce’!

It wasn’t long until the church was flooding with activity! One group did an outstanding job cleaning and organizing the reading nook choir room. Another group built scaffolding to replace light bulbs in the front of the sanctuary. The new lights coupled with a fresh coat of white paint provided by our third group, really brightened up the place! And finally, our fourth group was working on cleaning a building adjacent to the church which they plan to use as a youth group center.

Our work today was rewarding, fun, and brought us closer as a group. However, it was the people we met who really made the day special. Pablo is always quick to share a funny and inspiring story. Joe isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty and would often jump in and help out. Other members of the church also stopped by to meet us, including a few wonderful women who drove an hour to make us lunch and deliver desserts!

After returning to the C2K housing, we were treated to some home-cooked lasagna and garlic bread for dinner. Then we reflected on the highs of the day and made a ‘web’ of connections to bring our group closer. And if the day was crazy enough, we ended it with a volleyball tournament between the vans. Things got pretty competitive, but it was all in good fun, and the winning van was “Betty White,” led by advisor Sarah and President Paul!

It has been a terrific Monday, and we look forward to sunny skies and more work days ahead!

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