Dallas A.S.B. — Day 1


By Laura Pappas

After seven hours and nearly 1,300 miles, our crew finally made it to Dallas. Although the journey may have been long, it was fun, safe, and most importantly, we landed in sunny 60-degree weather.

After claiming bunks and getting situated in our living quarters, we toured the C2K campus. Our main building includes the bunk rooms, a common area big enough to fit all of twenty-eight of us, and a kitchen where the amazing Jill cooked us a home-cooked dinner. Their church right across the street has one of the largest organs in Texas, a youth room, a full sized basketball court, and a beautiful roof top view of Dallas! Everyone has been so welcoming, and C2K already feels like home!

As a way to kickoff the week and get to know the group better, we made inspirational origami fortune cookies! At the start of each work day, we will all pick out an origami cookie and see what inspirational quotes our fellow group members wrote for us.

Tomorrow, we will have our cultural day! On our agenda is a tour of the JFK museum and an evening at the stock yard. Look out for a recap tomorrow; until then, goodnight!

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One response to “Dallas A.S.B. — Day 1

  1. Hope you have a good stay in Dallas – afraid the weather hasn’t been the best – but maybe we’ll get a few good days in.

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