Puerto Rico A.S.B. — Day 6

Puerto Rico – Alternative Spring Break 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Today is our final day in Puerto Rico.

Much like Wednesday, the group split into two. One of the groups stayed at the farm and did various projects around the farm. The other group left for the elder center.

Before we got to the center, however, the group was asked by one of the Pleintud staff if they would be willing to go and help a neighbor.  The group helped plant nine different plants, which the woman greatly appreciated. We learned that she grew up in Puerto Rico and moved to New York when she was six years old.

photogroup with flag

The group working at the farm had a successful day as well with all they’re hard work they completed. The natural building for the super-adobe continued. All of the rock foundation is now in place as well as the draining system. It really is amazing what can be done with natural earth materials! Another group on the farm got some planting done and mulching which turned out so good.


When we got to the elder center we interacted with the residents. Some played dominos while others painted and helped spread cardboard and dirt around the garden.

photo elder center 3 photo - elder center4 photo - elder center2 photo - elder center1

The group is in the process of packing and getting ready for our busy night of traveling. We will be having a small dinner at the farm and then going bomba dancing followed by a final group dinner at a Thai restaurant.

The travel agenda includes leaving Aquadillla at 2:50 a.m. on Friday and landing in New Jersey around 6:05 a.m.  We will all be back in Pittsburgh around 10 a.m. on Friday.

To family and friends:

I would like to personally thank you for encouraging your son/daughter to go on this trip.The individuals in this group all have  fantastic personalities and work ethics. They are all motivational and have a sense of pride. They have  all showed me motivation and a love for service and helping those in need.  I would encourage you to keep motivating them because not every student would give up their spring break to help with service.  Thank you all! — Jon Wolff, president of Reality Check

photo (1)

The time we have all shared together has been memorable and I wouldn’t ask for a better family to spend it with than the 2013 Alternative Spring Break group.

Thank you for  reading this year’s blog.


— Jon, Ian & Lauren



2 responses to “Puerto Rico A.S.B. — Day 6

  1. jean vollentine

    Very very proud of everyone in the ASB in Puerto Rico.You all are very exceptional people. Not everyone would skip Spring Break to do this.Have a safe trip home. Stephen’s Mom

  2. Betty Morrissette

    What a great adventure, and to read what our future leaders are doing. GREAT JOB Penn State students. Proud of you and your efforts. Marissa ‘s grandmother & grandfather.

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