Puerto Rico A.S.B. — Day 5

Puerto Rico – Alternative Spring Break 2013

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hola friends,

Last night’s reflection was led by Tony Tedesco, Brittany Smail  and Michelle Godzinski followed by Marissa Morrissette and Mark Sanford. The first reflection was pushed back to Tuesday because we did not have time. The first  reflection was tie-dye T-shirts, which was part of a social event.  The group wrote each others last names along with a message on the shirts and puffy paint on the front of the shirts with “ASB 2013 Puerto Rico” and other sayings. Marissa and mark’s reflection consisted of deco pots. They brought newspaper that they gave to the group to have them cut out unique letters and paste them onto the pot.

Photos from reflection:


Wednesday was another beautiful day. The group divided into two, one of the groups stayed at Pleintud and the other went to Las Marias where they helped at the elder center.  The group actually taught the dance move “Cotton-Eyed Joe” to the elders at the center and they helped establish a garden, thanks to the engineering students in the group.

The group at the farm split into three groups and worked on various projects around the farm including natural building, installing a outhouse and terraces (help channel water from the road). (see pictures below) When siesta came around at 1:30 p.m., some of the group relaxed on the hammocks while others went to the river and had a cool and relaxing afternoon.

photo3 photo4 photo5

On Wednesday night, the group ventured to go see the bioluminescence in the water. We caught our boat at 8:15 p.m. and enjoyed a night out on the town.

photo7 photo6

One of the group members mentioned that he no longer felt we were just friends. He said, “This group is no longer friends; this group is family.”

This is completely true! This group, as a whole, has learned together, sweated together, laughed together, sang together, and grown from random students to family.

WE ARE… Alternative Spring Break

WE ARE… Reality Check

WE ARE… Friends

WE ARE more importantly… Family.


— Jon, Ian & Lauren

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