Puerto Rico A.S.B. — Day 4

Tuesday, March 5, 2013
This morning’s breakfast included porridge, which was delicious. It was another day of hard work at another organic farm in Puerto Rico.

After the drive to the farm we got started quickly. Dr. Brian Bruner had many different tasks for us including putting plants along side a mountain, a trench for good farm use and a trench for a retaining wall and filling in dirt around given areas.

photo (9)

Lauren Smith’s group was in charge of the trench at the cottage. This job involved using a lot of arm strength and digging an 18 x 18 trench that would be used to help with the farm. Jon’s group was responsible for digging trenches that would be used for a reflecting wall and digging up and moving dirt.

photo (8)

Once the work was done, Dr. Brian Brunner bought the group pizza for working so hard. The group got to enjoy some pepperoni, sausage and veggie pizza.

After the group finished eating we all sat down and had a great discussion led by Dr. Brunner about why organic growing is so important and how lead a healthy life with healthy eating habits. We all took away a great deal of knowledge after keeping an open mind!

We then split up into two groups and adventured around the farm. One group went on a hiking trip with Dr. Brunner to the top of a really tall mountain where we were able to over look parts of the island. It was a breath taking view and an adventure to say the least, with Gabe clearing the path to the top along the way.  The other group of students took a shorter hike to cool down in the river.

On the way back from the mountain hike a couple of us were walking down the driveway to meet the rest of the group when Gabe spotted a horse on the side of the road. Offered the chance to finally fulfill one of his dreams, he hopped on the horse (after three attempts) and went trotting down the road for a horse ride.

It was a very exciting day that left everyone tired, but our day was not over yet. We got back to Plenitud and had another delicious meal waiting for us—pasta with marinara sauce with fresh vegetables and a fresh salad. We are definitely being spoiled with all of these homemade meals.

After dinner two members of Plenitud told us all about natural building and the different methods. It left many of us thinking about our future homes and how we should build it once we get our “grown up” jobs.

There were two reflections done tonight, one was led by Marissa and Mark, the other was done by Brittany, Tony, and Michelle. We decorated our tie dye T-shirts and decorated pots to remember our trip and all the amazing people who were apart of it.

It’s getting late here and is not time to get some well deserved sleep. Goodnight from Puerto Rico where the stars are as beautiful at night as they are back home.


— Jon, Ian & Lauren

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