Puerto Rico A.S.B. – Day 3

Puerto Rico – Alternative Spring Break 2013

Monday, March 4, 2013

By Jon Wolff, president, Reality Check

photo (12)

It is a  hot, hot, and hotter day on the farm. Our minds are clear and calm thanks to starting off the day with some yoga outside. Other students’ minds are clear and calm thanks to the extra sleep that they got!

Breakfast was prepared by our wonderful Plenitud staff members and served by a couple of our students. We have been taking turns preparing and cleaning up for each meal. We’re really getting good at team work.

After getting our water bottles filled up and loading up on sunscreen we were taken on a tour of the property  of the  farm and were able to see the different projects that they are working on. The group really liked the chicken coop and  decided we need some on our campus to have our own fresh eggs every day!

Around 2:30pm all of the students starting working on two projects that we (Lauren, Ian, and Jon) are late for and headed to now! Gotta get to work. Check in for more tomorrow. Until our next venture up to the building where we write the blog (below), see everyone later!


WE ARE…. Reality Check!


— Jon, Ian & Lauren

Photos, photos, photos

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4 responses to “Puerto Rico A.S.B. – Day 3

  1. Mary Lou Wolff

    Jon –
    enjoy the hot hot weather. we got 8 inches of snow this morning in Delmont!
    ~ Mom

  2. jean vollentine

    Looks like you guys are working hard. Keep it up i’m sure they appreciate all that you guys are doing! Be safe

  3. Kris Torok

    Look at you guys go! Great job and great blog!

  4. Sarah Steele

    Love reading about your trip, keep up the amazing work down there!

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