Puerto Rico A.S.B. – Day 2

Puerto Rico – Alternative Spring Break 2013

Sunday, March 3, 2013

By Jon Wolff, president, Reality Check

It was definitely a different kind of morning waking up on the farm here in Puerto Rico. Instead of a phone alarm, nature was our nice wake up call with birds chirping and the rooster crowing.

photo (6)

The rooster was not only a morning alarm, it also was a surprising alarm around 3:30a.m. Getting ready for the morning was done all out in the wilderness. There are two outdoor showers and two sinks over looking all of the farm area which all 27 of us are sharing (see pix below).

photo (4)


photo (8)

Boys’ tents

photo (7)

Girls’ tents

A few members of the Plenitud staff had breakfast all ready to go for us as soon as we were all ready. Puerto Rico sure knows how to make some oatmeal! Breakfast included homemade oatmeal with fresh island fruit, a special island tea, and coffee. After breakfast we gathered up our stuff, put our swimsuits on and were off to the beach.

photo (1)

The name of the beach we went to was called Playa Sucia, which in English actually means dirty beach in order to keep tourists away.  Fortunately, it did not keep us away; we were soaking up the sun and enjoying the clear crystal blue water.

We were joined by two Plenitud staff members that provided us with a delicious lunch! Some of us headed over to explore the rocks overlooking the water, while others took a hike up to the lighthouse. After a lot of sun and a lot of fun we took our vans back on the windy roads of Puerto Rico and went back to the farm to clean up and shower.

photo (9)

Niloofar and Aaron. Aaron got sunburned, so Niloofar applied natural aloe.

photo (11) photo (10)

We had dinner on the farm which is all vegetarian with some of the food coming right from the farm. We’re learning how to eat healthier!

It was a day of beautiful scenery and some more great bonding time. Today bandanas were given out to each of the teams. The idea was thought up by Marissa and Jon to get each team in a “survivor mode” and just to keep some sweat off of our faces!

Our night ended with a great reflection led by the advisors and then……blessed SLEEP!


One response to “Puerto Rico A.S.B. – Day 2

  1. jean vollentine

    Looks like you guys are doing good. Everyone be safe and have fun

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