Puerto Rico A.S.B. – Day 1

Puerto Rico – Alternative Spring Break 2013

Satuday, March 2, 2013

By Jon Wolff, president, Reality Check

Hello from Puerto Rico! We are very excited to have the opportunity to share our experiences with all of our friends, family, and community back home from this beautiful island.

Saturday was the start of journey when we departed from Erie on a coach bus to Pittsburgh International Airport. Once we arrived at Pittsburgh we departed to our next stop in Newark, NJ. Our layover time there gave us some time for bonding and a lot of laughter. We had some down time to get some food and play a card game of spoons. After that…it was off to Puerto Rico!

As soon as we landed we could all smell the tropical breeze and were beyond excited for the 73-degree weather! We took vans to our final destination of Plenitud after a long day of traveling and headed to our tents for the night after a mini tour of the farm site. It may take some adjusting to the outdoor living for some of us but it will be an adventure we take on together. Before going to bed you just can’t help but to admire the beautiful stars. We are so excited to see what this week has to offer!


Views from Plenitud.

photo (5) photo (2)

Road to our group’s living area.


Your faithful bloggers — Jon Wolff, Reality Check president; Ian McGinnity, assistant director of civic engagement and The Smith Chapel; and Lauren Smith, Reality Check vice president.

One response to “Puerto Rico A.S.B. – Day 1

  1. Mary Lou Wolff

    Jon – Pictures look beautiful. I’m excited to hear what you’re doing. Thanks for the posts! ~ Love Mom

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