2013 ASB adventure begins Saturday

asb with flag

Two dozen students from Penn State Behrend’s Realty Check club and four advisors are leaving Saturday (March 2) to spend their spring break serving others in Puerto Rico.

The group is working with Plenitud de Puerto Rico Inciatives Ecodeducativas — a nonprofit organization that suports individuals and communities in their sustainable development by providing training, demonstrations, and services in organic farming, biocontstruction, and other sustainable and permaculture practice.

Students will be taking part in a variety of activities, including mulching, applying organic fertilizer, pruning, topography, and planting. In addition, students will be learning about natrual building and serving at the elder center for senior citizens.

Since Plenitud is an organic organization focused on sustainability and because all bathing water eventually runs into the river or forest, students were required to buy natural and organic products that would not harm the environment.  Students will also be eating vegetarian for the week as Plenitud does not serve meat.

Students leave Erie on Saturday, March 2 and will return on Friday, March 8.

Follow them here on this blog where we’ll post regular updates and photos from Reality Check president, Jon Wolff.

~ Heather Cass, Penn State Behrend publications & design coordinator 

Students & advisers attending:

Students: Alec Bovee, Chris Desmond, Nicole Donaldson, Brandon Dye, Niloofar Ghaysi, Michelle Godzinski, Aaron Hecht, John Klecha, Krishna Kulkarni, Gabe Lemock, Paul Lukasik, Lydia Maharg, Brittany Martinelli, Marissa Morrissette, Miri Ohashi, Jennifer Prechtl, Mark Sanford, Brittany Smail, Lauren Smith — V.P. of Reality Check, Anthony Tedesco, Kyle VanDusen, Stephen Vollentine, Jon Wolff —President of Reality Check, and Amanda Wylie.

Advisers: Ian McGinnity, Assistant Director, Civic Engagement and The Smith Chapel; Amanda Blaugher, Coordinator of Residence Life; Courtney Steding, Internship Counselor, Academic Career and Planning Center; Maya Pillay, Staff Assistant and SGA Financial Advisor

Thanks for your support

Alternative Spring Break is sponsored by Reality Check, the Center For Service, the Student Activity Fee, the Student Government Association, and the Janet Neff Sample Center for Manners and Civility.

In addition, the group held many fundraisers and teambuilding events throughout the year.

Reality Check’s Event Chair, Marissa Morrissette and Nicole Donaldson planned social events for the ASB group. Marissa Morrissette planned a trip to the Erie Otter’s game so the group could have fun, relax and get to know one another a bit better. Nicole Donaldson planned a Tye Dye T-Shirt social event as part of a reflection that will be used down in Puerto Rico.

Fundraising efforts included canning at local restaurants, carwashes, and much more:


ASB funraising

Reality Check would like to thank all of those who supported their fundraising efforts in the past year, helping them raise the money needed to help others.

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