Day 1 – report

By Jon Wolff

Today was our first work day, and it was very successful! We drove to a little bungalow type of house about a half hour away from the church where we are staying. This house is where the majority of our work is going to be done.

Today’s work mainly consisted of cleanup of the house and the small surrounding property outside and demolition of old, damaged drywall and ceilings inside the home (much to the delight of some students, i.e., demo is fun!).

See photos here.

We started by removing all the trash and stones littering the yard of the home. Then, we worked together to remove all the furniture and everything else from the house. Once that was done, the students tore down all the drywall, removing it from the house completely. We worked from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with a lunch break in between.

A gentleman we met at the church service on Sunday joined us at the site and helped out by telling us jokes. He ended up thanking us for letting him come and help.  All in all, we had a productive and enjoyable day.

The plan for tomorrow is to apply insulation and drywall to the walls.

Our “reflection of the day” will be held shortly after I send this. The reflection is when we talk, as a group, of the hills and valleys of the day, i.e., what positive things were present and what things are needed be a more successful team and group. We hope that focusing on the weak part of the chain and talking about it, we end up strengthening the group.

Not sure what we’re doing tonight, but we’ll be sure to tell you about it in the next blog.

Until then …

— Jon



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