Off to the Lone Star State

“The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others,” — Gandhi

While college students across the country make tracks to typical spring break party locales such as Florida and Mexico, twenty-three Penn State Behrend students have chosen an alternate path. They are going to Mission, Texas, from March 3 through March 9 to spend their break helping others.

Students will help rebuild homes and repair damage caused by Hurricane Alex which struck in June of 2010, causing the deaths of at least 51 people along its path (from the Caribbean Sea to Texas) and resulting in more than $1.8 billion in damage.

In addition to storm clean-up, students will be helping to tutor children.

“It will be a great multicultural experience because the majority of the population in Mission is Latino,” said Jon Wolff, a Penn State Behrend junior majoring in marketing and a member of Reality Check, the student service-minded club that, along with the college’s Center for Service, organized the ASB trip.

Students attending are: Jenna Abate, Sara Bell, Nicole Donaldson, Lauren Englert, Gerianne Exil, Steve Galdo, Michelle Godzinski, Clifton Graves, John Klecha, Melanie Koster, Gabe Lemock, Paul Lukasik, Jessie Monteleone, Marissa Morrissette, Tina Raeke, Mark Sanford, Brittany Smail, Courtney Smith, Lauren Smith, Anthony Tedesco, Amantha Vertosick, Chasity Wilson, Jon Wolff.

The four staff members who volunteered to accompany the students are: Ian McGinnity, coordinator of community service and the Smith Chapel; Nicole Fedders, coordinator for student organizations and program development; Maya Pillay, staff assistant for Student Activities; and Rebekah Pope, residence life coordinator.

Check back here all week for updates from Wolff and other students and staff who will be reporting from Mission, Texas.

— Heather Cass, Publications and Design Coordinator at Penn State Behrend


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